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Japanese Tools Australia was founded in 2009 by furniture maker Christian Timbs. Christian's experience training and working in England, Tasmania and Japan made him well acquainted with the virtues and traditions of Japanese tools. Initially Christian offered Australian woodworkers a small selection of Japanese saws, sharpening stones and chisels from his workshop in southern Sydney.

Japanese Tools Australia has since expanded with a knowledgeable team and stock more than 1000 unique, hand chosen products to be used by professionals and hobbyists in the pursuit of their creative vision, with more constantly being selected.

JTA stands behind the quality of every one of our products and know that we offer our customers the best woodworking tools possible, whether their application be for students, enthusiasts or tradespeople. Centuries of tradition and experience lay behind Japanese toolmaking and woodworking culture, and we are proud to bring these stories to Australia and the world.

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Atoma Diamond Plate

Great tool to flatten my whetstones. Gentle and did not make the stone rough. YouTube video was a great guide to select the right plate

Beautiful tool, outstanding value for money - I recommend it

I recently bought the Kakuri 58mm smoothing plane with aogami blade. This is my first Japanese plane. Set-up was super simple but took a couple of hours as I was learning all about how to do it as I went. There are excellent step-by-step instructions including videos on the JTA website, which guided me through the process of polishing the blade, flattening the chipbreaker, tuning the sole, seating the blade and making adjustments. By doing this set-up, I learned a lot about how to get the best performance out of this plane. I have used it just a few times, but it produces a very satisfying result and is fun to use. I am looking forward to getting a lifetime of use out of this tool. Thank you JTA!

an instruction

Can I get an instructional video about using the Kumiko Jigumi Cutting Board (Righty) by WigWood?



Hori Hori knife

Wonderful tool to use, have used in hard ground, soft soil and sand and it cuts through everything so well without dulling the blade, very happy with the product!

Quality Workshop Ruler

Good quality small ruler to measure smaller items. Clear concise measurement. Great product and cool logo.

Flush Cut Magic

Awesome little saw. Needed one of these for along time. Glad I purchased it. Peter


My wife loves her hori-hori. At first we reluctant buyers thinking it was just sharp trough. Nope it's a 100 times better. It goes into the soil easily. It's sharp. It's strong. Just so handy

Quality secateurs

Excellent quality and perfect for small hands. I find them very comfortable to use. Highly recommend.


These Shinto rasps are really useful. I hav owned the coarse/medium for a while and this medium/fine adds another level of refinement to finishing. I have found it particularly useful for fine adjustment of chair leg ends and difficult to plane areas. Good value.

Drill Roll Bag
Bevan Blackshaw
Amazing drills. Super clean holes

Very very impressive performance in Australian hardwood.

very happy

Great tools and friendly service, you make shopping a pleasure and I wouldn't say I like shopping

I Love my Hori Hori

I absolutely love this little tool, I can't believe how easy it is to use, I effortlessly remove weeds, roots and all even from ground that is on the dry side, it slides in like it's butter! I have a couple of wicking beds so the measurements are fabulous, I know exactly how deep I am going so no holes in the geotextile fabric! this tool is brilliant I wouldn't live without it, highly recommend!

Love it - my favourite garden tool

Works perfectly pruning my woody flax plants and is a major time saver for my extensive garden.. The ordering process was very fast and efficient. Highly recommended.

Pocketboy 170mm
Ivor Morgan
works good

Pocketboy 170mm a lot better than my other saws,makes looking after the garden so much easier

Nakiri Kitchen Knife.

Best knife I have ever bought. Extremely sharp for cutiing vegetables. I always use it. Well worth it.

More useful than you’d think

These clamps are great for small box making and have a lot less bulk than most other options. Really useful all round.

Great plane (my new favourite)

This plane is easy to set up and use, it’s now my ‘go to’ for general clean-up and breaking edges down.

Very clean cuts

I love this saw. It has a coarse cut blade on one side and a fine cut on the other. The cuts are so clean they barely need any sanding to finish the job. I highly recommend this saw

Star M Ceramic Edge Trimmer
Phillip Cornforth

Great tool to have in your kit. Absolutely game changer.

A little pricey but reasonably well made and very handy little clamps

A little pricey but reasonably well made and very handy clamps

Cool retro tool box

I bought this to use for Pro Chef tools. I like that it has a small footprint, the lid is held on a 45 angle and the look of the box is a point of difference. Homemade sayas (blade covers) are the key making this work, pics show all the tools I usually take to work with room for a few more (sometimes take a Deba too). My only complaint is that my 300mm yanangiba and long bread knife don't quite fit, if Toyo ever makes a slightly longer version I'll be all over it...

Grass Sickle

Bloody Marvellous love this tool, wish I had bought it sooner.

Utility Sickle

I love love love this little gem! So versatile and useful for everything is the garden.