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Japanese Tools Australia was founded in 2009 by furniture maker Christian Timbs. Christian's experience training and working in England, Tasmania and Japan made him well acquainted with the virtues and traditions of Japanese tools. Initially Christian offered Australian woodworkers a small selection of Japanese saws, sharpening stones and chisels from his workshop in southern Sydney.

Japanese Tools Australia has since expanded with a knowledgeable team and stock more than 1000 unique, hand chosen products to be used by professionals and hobbyists in the pursuit of their creative vision, with more constantly being selected.

JTA stands behind the quality of every one of our products and know that we offer our customers the best woodworking tools possible, whether their application be for students, enthusiasts or tradespeople. Centuries of tradition and experience lay behind Japanese toolmaking and woodworking culture, and we are proud to bring these stories to Australia and the world.

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Shinwa 7m FIT GEAR Tape

Excellent tape measure. The compact size and the light weight make it a joy to use. And measure everything I did!

Great little hmer

Good balance and perfect for cooper forming, handle fits the hand perfectly and shape gives good control.

Essential tool

Using a pencil works, but cutting gets you truly clean mortices. This one is sharp, durable and pretty great value. I haven't tried sharpening it yet as I haven't needed to. I'm left-handed and really appreciated that it comes in left/right versions.


The quality is not there. And the handles are not ergonomic.

Sharp Tools
Best book on the subject

Best book on the subject

Strong and Sturdy

great storage containers

Flat Blade Mattock
Leigh Mayne

Would like a longer handle in order to chop out weeds .less bending required
Other wise excellent

Excellent quality.

Would definitely buy again and highly recommend. Excellent quality and prompt delivery.

Great tool box for stowing in a tight spot

I was having trouble finding a tool box to fit in my sports car. This size wound up being a perfect fit.
So far seems well made and solidly built. Looks pretty nice too.
There's a lot to like with it, I just feel a little bad when I mistakenly scratch it.

An excellent measuring tool

This vernier end stop fits a variety of my rules and sashigane. Whilst the direct measurement of the vernier lines allow for 0.1mm measurement you can actually use the space in between the lines to halve the measurement to 0.05mm. This is an old machinists truck to get more out of verniers. With a bit of practice you can actually get finer measurements.

I work to these types of tolerances in guitar making to keep accuracy.

Great little tool box

This is the first of this style of toyo boxes that I have purchased.. I use it for my carving tools compact and stores away easily

Wood File - Half Round 150mm - White Oak Handle

While this item is small, it certainly makes up for that when in use. Rather than having many mini cutting edges like western Rasps, this has a layer of half moon cutting edges each covering the full width of the tool. This allows the Rasp to literally shave the wood from where you want it removed. This allows a greater degree of control and less of an area which needs to be sanded. Great little addition to any Woodworkers kit.

Best Tool for Weeding

I absolutely love this. I have trouble kneeling, & this tool allows me to remove really tough weeds from a standing position. So strong yet light and manoeverable.

Great secateurs

Absolutely wonderful cutters, especially for my small arthritic hands. Very easy to use for small work

Beautiful blue boxes

I recently purchased not just this blue box but two other smaller ones as a package to give as a present to one of my sons. I was very impressed with the quality and appearance of these items, and so was my son. They are so good to behold and a pleasure to use that I fear one or two boxes might be appropriated by my daughter-in-law, who sees an additional use for them to store items for her sewing work!

Just the size I need

The vernier is perfect for my needs - it's small, accurate enough and I can carry it in my pocket !!
Oh, and JTA delivered on time and price as promised.

Scissors are excellent

Scissors have a good hand feel and the cutting action and sharp blades are excellent

JTA Australia wooden nails

Have all 4 sizes find them really useful and visually appealing way to secure joints and trims


beautifully made and well designed. I have filled mine all the beautifully made tool I have purchased

Blades clean once more

No more using alcohol and rags! Excellent fluid! Anything hard to shift use a fine grade steel wool as well. Recommend this for anyone who thinks that other methods are better, they'll soon change the way they do things!

Japanese Dozuki Saw, Wide Type D240

If you have never tried a Pull Type Japanese saw before, I highly recommend that you do. The ease with which it cuts, the accuracy of the cut that you can acheive and the super thin Kerf are to be seen and tried. I thoroughly recommend that you do so.

What a pleasure to use

I'm thrilled with my latest "toy". I've only been cutting three ply, which I use for covers in book-binding. What I like about it, is it cuts so cleanly, so quickly, and so easily. Previously, I would use a heavy circular saw . . . have to set up a straight edge . . . clamp it all down, and end up with a rather splintery edge. With the Kataba saw, I just have to follow the pencil line. Great!


I have a tracksaw but no parrallel guide kit, this solved my problem and allows me to use my cordless circular saw for 90 deg cuts + any other angle I desire.