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90mm Tsuchime Chisel with Leather Sheath by Tasai-san

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There aren't many tools that make you stop to catch your breath, but the large chisels from the forge of Tasai demand a moment to drink them in.

The finish of this 90mm chisel is referred to as a "Tsuchime", or hammered, finished. The top and neck has been methodically impacted with a hammer, had the black etching chemical applied and then had their high points refinished. This generates a beautiful texture that, while uniquely random, demonstrates the control of the smith's handwork.

This skill and dedication is, of course, no place more obvious than beautiful hand-laminated cutting edge where Tasai's special Aogami steel has been forge welded to the softer jigane, and beautifully wrapped up it's sides as well. While these laminations are always a pleasure to behold, seeing them done on a chisel wider than a full-sized smoothing plane is special indeed.

This beautiful piece of handwork has been fitted with a faceted ferrule, red oak handle and faceted hoop. Tasai's maker's mark can be found stamped into the chisel.

Finally, this chisel arrives to it's new owner in a simply executed leather sheath custom made for it. 

Chisel Total Length: 230mm
Chisel Blade Length: 60mm
Chisel Thickness at back of Blade: 11mm
Edge Width: 90mm
Height of Side of Blade: 2.5mm