It's NOT Black Friday - so why are these deals so damn good?

For the last three years we have put up a bit of a sale for Black Friday, and for the last three years we have received emails from customers lamenting that we, too, have fallen to the Americanisation of <insert your area of concern here>. Don't get us wrong - we agree with the sentiment entirely. But we do love a cheeky discount.

And so once again we're incongruously shoe-horning a sale into the same dates as an American holiday that has no cultural relevance for our audience. Hooray!
Read on as we throw down amazing savings on some bloody brilliant tools, and if it just happens to fall on the Friday after the third weekend of November, well, what can be done?

Suehiro Single Grit Stones
We have stocked Suehiro's Cerax stones since Christian first started selling tools out the back of his workshop in 2011. We still use them all the time, and now have more than a few that have been used down to the nub.

All of our large single grit Cerax stones are on special for 20% off. They all comfortably fit a big 70mm Kanna or Stanley-pattern 4 1/2 blade across them, and feel great under the hands.

This year we added Suehiro's Fine Finishing #3000, #5000, #6000 and #8000 stones to the range. Price-wise, these are slightly cheaper than the Cerax rocks, but perform equally as well and, in the finer two grits, provide a bit more of a polish than the Cerax.

Taking 20% off these stones is silly, but we have done it anyway. This offer means that you can add the #3000 Ouka to your sharpening shelf for less than $50, or a full-sized #8000 finishing stone for less than $120. Needless to say, if you have been thinking of plugging a couple of gaps in your grit range, now is the time to do so.

Mini Ebony Planes
Another JTA staple pretty much since day dot, the mini ebony planes live on display in the Kogarah workshop and we find oursleves reaching for them every few days.

There are 14 shapes in the range and that can get a bit unwieldy - so here's the cheat sheet to the different profiles:
No.1 - Flat sole. Super versatile. Nuff Said.
No.5 - 45 degree chamfering plane. Once one lives in your apron, you'll never leave an unfettled edge on a project again.
No.2,3,4 - Planes for putting a round arris on your edges, in ascending radius sizes. See above re apron.
No.13,14 - 30 degree and 60 degree chamfering planes. Definitely worth owning the pair in order to deal with different grain directions.
No. 6 - curved along the sole and flat across the blade for doing interior curves.
No. 7,8 - Curved along sole as with #6, but adds radiuses to blades
No.9,10,11 - Straight soles with external radiuses in ascending sizes.
No. 12 - The bowl plane - curved along the sole and across the blade.
20% off any and all of them.

Marking Knives
The kiridashi is a beautiful tool. This year Hiroshi Yamaguchi, while running his box making class, showed us a little trick for making these amazingly accurate tools even more versatile. Check that video out here.

This not-black-Friday, we have put almost all of our kiridashi on special. Most notably, we have now added an option to our Baishinshi kiridashi. Whereas we previously offered these with only SK5 edges, you now have the ability to choose the same model and shape of knife with blue paper steel!

This option is more expensive, however, seeing as every one of these knives is 20% off currently, the upgrade is more affordable than it will probably ever be again.