Ready for the Japanese Timber and Tools Weekend!

It's here! Here is a video of Mitch running around the building feeling slightly overwhelmed at it all, and below, some parking information for those who are coming down!

The JTA Parking Fairy

We have been hard at work trying to expand and safeguard parking options over this weekend. If you can nab a spot out front of the JTA Workshop, or along the side of the building, do it!

Just this weekend, look out for "JTA Parking" signs in these other locations marked on the map below:

At the back of our building in front of Best Abrasives.

Next to our building out the front of Diff Technics on the grass (Please don't block driveway or access to the property)

Opposite our workshop there is space for four vehicles.

On Midjuburi lane there is an empty warehouse that we can park in front of.

Of course, all parks in Midjuburi Lane and Production Ave are fair game.

If you find yourself unable to find a park anywhere above, we suggest driving back out to Rocky Point Rd via Phillips Rd (only way to get there), turning right, and taking the first right off Rocky Point Rd onto Sunbeam Ave.

The bottom of Sunbeam Ave usually has parking, and there is pedestrian access from there to Midjuburi lane.

Look forward to seeing you soon!