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Suminagashi Damascus Bench Chisel Set - Boxwood Handles

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Beautifully forged from numerous laminating materials, these chisels' "Suminagashi" pattern of damascus steel takes it's name from the Japanese art of paper dying, as the metal of the chisel head appears to have undergone the same process of being immersed in a dye bath.

Do not think for a moment, however, that these chisels are show ponies. With Aogami #2 (blue paper steel) edges, they are absolutely tenacious in holding their edge and have proven to be excellent performers in hard timbers.

We have had the privilege of setting up one of these sets, and in between admiring our reflection in their cutting edges, we found that they do require more work in their initial sharpening thanks to their alloyed cutting edges and myriad laminating materials.

This set arrives to their new owner with their faceted hoops already set, beautiful boxwood handles and a gorgeous paulownia box adorned with calligraphy.

Overall Length: 220mm
Blade Width: 3mm-42mm
Blade Length: 65mm