140mm Mini Secateurs

$87.00 AUD

Toyama Hamono

Available Now!

These miniature secateurs will tug at the heartstrings of even the most seasoned gardener.

Small enough for the whole pair to fit across the palm of the hand, they come with a vinyl sheath that can be attached to a belt or basket to keep these little beauties close by.

Perfect for budding work even in heavily foliaged plants, their blades are forged with the same high carbion steel as their larger brethren for excellent cutting edges and resharpenability. 

The simple detaining latch can be unclipped single-handedly by holding the secateurs vertically and giving the arms a gentle squeeze. They are simple, quick, convenient and sharp.


  • Overall Length: 140mm
  • Blade length: 45mm
  • Weight: 90g 
  • Material: Japanese high carbon steel, artificial leather trim

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