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Circular Saw Parallel Rip Guide - 60cm, Double

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Shinwa's circular saw guides allow hand-held circular saws (skilsaws) to be used with great accuracy on sheet material and construction-section timber. They combine the accuracy of a tracksaw with the portability and convenience of your hand-held circular saw.

All of these guides' blades have a cross section of 12mmx3mm, allowing them to be used with all commonly available saws. The distance between the two blades can also be adjusted independently of the fence positiion. Both have stabilisers that eliminate flex between the fence and blade in both front/back and up/down directions.

The fence is adjustable to allow it to be slid forwards or backwards, depending on it's positioning in relation to the saw blade and the material to be cut. It can also be slid up or down to better reference your material.

Finally, the fence is lined with ultra-slippery UHPE tape that eliminates friction and makes these guides a joy to use.

Max Extension of Guide: 60cm