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Kanaban - Steel Lapping Plate

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Our lapping plates (called kanaban in Japanese) are engineered to our specifications in Sydney. They utilise a mild steel to keep them affordable, and can be used with abrasive powders, films and slurries to lap the backs of high carbon steel tools (ie: Japanese tools) flat.

Our preferred method is to scrub a #1000 waterstone across the top of the plate to leave a slurry, and use that slurry to lap away. Shapton's finemedium and coarse powders also do an excellent job, but we only use the fine grit when preparing new blades.

210 x 75 x 16mm

This plate is highly susceptible to rust. It will ship to you with a light coating of oil wrapped in rust deterring paper. We recommend that it is washed before first use, and dried after use and returned to its original paper.