Mizuno Axe Warikomi

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This axe was made by Mizuno Seisakujo, who are famous axe makers in Sanjo, Niigata.

Warikomi means referring to a style of laminations. A common and traditional style of tool is hard carbon steel laminated with soft iron. The majority of the blade is made of the soft iron and only a small percentage of the hard carbon steel is used for the blade edge.

Warikomi is very different. The high carbon steel runs from the blade edge right to the back of the axe head, which forms the hole for the burned oak handle and gives it tremendous strength in this area. The soft iron is then laminated into small sections on either side of the blade to provide support and flexibility for the hard steel.

The burned Japanese white oak straight handle feels beautiful in hand due to the texture of the grain re-surfacing.

The blade edge is perfectly curved, which makes it ideal for carving and sculpting. The axe is beautifully balanced. It comes razor sharp, ready for use.

The axe also comes with a leather sheath to protect the blade edge.


Overall length: 330m

Overal weight: 600g

From the back of the axe to the blade edge: 120mm

Blade edge length: 80mm


Type: Tools

Highly Recommended