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30mm Sword-tip Kiridashi by Tasai-san

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Is there such a thing as too much marking knife? These huge marking knifes by Tasai-san are hand laminated and finished off with a traditional black finish. We currently have one 24mm size and one 30mm.

Pretty much as long as your forearm, these knives take their name from the opposing bevels that form the two cutting edges. Still a "single bevel" knife thanks to the flat back with hollow grind, the cutting edge shape makes them ambidextrous.

We expect consistent sharpening will require some practice due to the small surface are of the bevels, and the fac that there is a lot of weight in the body of the knife.

Dimensions (30mm):
Length: 272mm
Length of cutting steel lamination: 125mm
Width at cutting edge: 30mm
Width at end of handle: 30mm
Thickness at cutting edge: 5mm
Thickness at end of handle: 6mm