The Ultimate Bonsai Handbook

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Written by one of Japan's foremost experts, Yukio Hirose, The Ultimate Bonsai Handbook provides a complete overview of every aspect of bonsai gardening.

Over 1,000 photos demonstrate each step involved in raising and caring for 70 types of bonsai, supporting the book's "learn by imitation and observation" approach. This detailed book will serve as a timeless reference to cultivating pines, maples, flowering and fruit bearing trees and many other varieties.

This practical, comprehensive bonsai guide includes information about:
  • Types of bonsai and how to choose them
  • Basic tree shapes and how to display them
  • Tools, soils, and containers
  • Transplanting, root trimming, watering and fertilising
  • Propagation, pruning, wiring and support
  • And much more!