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Carving Mini Spoons

Carving Spoon Blanks

We have been lucky enough to come into possession of offcuts of Huon Pine. Those familiar with this precious golden timber will know that it is amongst the most slow-growing species in Australia and is now logged in a very limited and highly regulated way, including decades-old timber that is salvaged from Tasmania's dams.

These offcuts that are not large enough to use in furniture, box making or veneering, but are the perfect size to be made into carving blanks. We have designed simple spoon blanks and rough-cut them to shape, ready for you to reveal the beautiful spoons within. This is a great opportunity for carvers of all levels to experiment with this relatively rare and beautiful timber, and eliminates the hard slog that can be roughing in a spoon shape into dried timber if preparatory tools are not close at hand.

Please note that, although Huon Pine is generally a very nice timber to carve, it's grain can be highly irregular in both direction and density. This means that some skill or practice may be required to read and work the grain correctly. While we try to cut these blanks following straight, tight grain, the nature of the timber means that to exclude pieces with grain changes would mean not utilising significant parts of this resource. We cut all blanks from the same templates, but small variations can be expected. 

Thickness and dimensions will very slightly.