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Komori-San Premium Small Planes

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Komori small plane factory is operated by representative Hideki Komori (lower right in the photo), his wife Midori (upper right in the photo), and younger brother Masaki (upper left in the photo).

A blacksmith who makes planes for both his father and grandfather. Inheriting the family style of Komori, who has been involved in blacksmithing work for the entire family, the couple still enter the workplace and share their respective works.

Both Hideki and Masaki became traditional craftsmen, but Hideki, the representative, voluntarily returned it.

Komori small plane factory mainly manufactures small plane blades with a size of 15 mm or more. We manufacture flat planes, small flat planes, edge planes, warped planes, chamfering planes, inward and outward bend planes, planes, standing planes, and Nanjing planes