Japanese Coaster DIY Project

Making this set of 4 Japanese drinks coasters is a great simple introductory project.

Perfect for kids and first-time woodworkers.

Made from cypress and handcrafted with the traditional Japanese technique

of hikimage, the design showcases the natural grain and scent of the timber.

In the kit you will receive:

• 4x long strips of edge timber with pre-cut marks where the corners will be.

• 4x square bases

• Pot of PVA glue

• 16x brass pin nails


STEP 1: take one strip of ‘edge’ timber and lightly spritz all corner sections with water. This

will allow them to be more malleable.

STEP 2: Fold the strip into a square (with all corner cuts face inwards). Use a small amount

of PVA glue to fix together at the join. Tape or clamp this together till glue dries.

STEP 3: Place the coaster base over the edge spare (on what will be the bottom of the

coaster) and mark a dot (roughly) in the middle of each side.

STEP 4: Remove the base and dab a small blob of PVA glue on each side of the edge piece.

STEP 5: Replace the coaster base and using a hammer or mallet, slightly tap in 4 brass pins

(following your marks) to secure the base to the edge piece.

STEP 6: The glue will dry clear within 20mins, and your coaster will be ready to use.