Sydney Knife Show 2018

Once a year JTA ventures beyond the boundaries of the traditional woodworking community and finds itself wide-eyed and somewhat warily setting up shop at the Sydney knife show, which this year falls on August 4 and 5 at Rosehill Racecourse. Of course, we soon get used to all the heavy metal on display and always have a great time.

Knife- and blade-making is enjoying something of a renaissance in Australia as makers from both metal- and wood-working backgrounds delve into this area of craftsmanship that so elegantly brings the two worlds together.ย 

We'll be slicing down our exhibit to focus on our range of Japanese kitchen knives and premium sharpening stones for this one. If you're interested in seeing for yourself what people all over Australia are making for use in the culinary arts, check out the event website here and we'll see you down there.