Mini Ebony Plane No7 Inside Round Curved R9

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There are 14 profiles and shapes in this series. These planes are designed and made under Kakuri Corporation, beautifully constructed out of solid Ebony with a brass fixing screw for easy adjustment of the HSS blade.
These planes are perfect for instrument making, box making and fine furniture to name just a few examples.


Profile: No7 Inside Round Curved R9

Blade Width: 18 mm

Plane Length: 90 mm

Steel Hardness: 64 Rockwell

Use: Instrument making, Box making, Fine furniture

The Mini Ebony Planes are designed in Japan and was originally also produced there, but due to the makers finding it difficult to source the ebony timber in Japan, production was moved to a company in Hong Kong which have been making traditional Chinese tools for over 35 years. Once manufactured, the planes return to Japan for quality control testing and packaging.

This is one of the only products JTA sell that is not made in Japan. But we are confident that these mini planes are of premium quality.