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Gikoh Ryoba Saw 240mm

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'Ryoba' is the Japanese word for double edge. The double sided Gikoh Ryoba pull Saw made by Kakuri lives up to its name. It's a double sided blade and features one side for ripping and the other side for crosscutting. The comfortable rattan handle features quick leaver action to change the replaceable blades.

You will not find a better designed handle on the market. The mechanism to hold the blade is unique in that it is streamlined to eliminate any change of the latch getting in the way of your material. Unlike some other saws on the market, the Kakuri Ryoba's Latch will always keep your blade straight and secure. The blade cuts easily and straight on both sides in many types of timber.


Blade Length: 240 mm

Overall Length: 580 mm

Weight: 186 grams

Steel type: Japanese carbon steel (59-60 HRc),

Handle: Magnolia wood wrapped with rattan.

The TPI changes on the Rip cut side from 9 at the fine end to 7 TPI on the large end.
Cross cut side averaging 16 TPI.

This saw is non-rust resistant.

Use: Multi purposes crosscut and ripping pull saw.

The blade has a plastic case.