#3000 Cerax Waterstone by Suehiro

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Beginning with the #3000 grit stone, the Cerax range enters the realm of honing and polishing. A polished finish can be achieved with a steady hand and flat bevel on the #3000, and if the back has been well flattened, the edge should be able to take hair.

Suehiro's Cerax water stones are are some of the finest quality Japanese sharpening stones to be found on the market. Cerax's premium ceramic abrasive works quickly even when presented with very hard steels, while the stones' binder finds a neat compromise between revealing fresh abrasive and reducing excessive wear.

Thanks to its excellent efficiency and durability, the Cerax range has won accolades both in Japan and around the world, and is now Europe's most popular water stone series.


  • 3000 grit
  • Dimensions of 207mm x 70mm x 20mm
  • Housing with rubber feet for stability while sharpening and ease of storage
  • Protective cover for storage

*Submerge stone in water for at least 5-10 minutes prior to use.

Do not keep this stone in water for long periods of time.

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I recommend this product

Perfect Intermediate Stone

It's a pleasure to use. 10/10 recommend.

Zachary F.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

#3000 Cerax Waterstone by Suehiro

Did you receive my previous email?

Christopher L.
New Zealand New Zealand

cerax #3000

Hi, this stone, along with the cerax #8000 and a #3000 nagura was a birthday present to myself having only recently started taking wood work and joinery techniques seriously and i could not be happier. Everything, especially the help and advice over the phone, price, to the shipping time to the products themselves, everything is faultless. the only addition i will be making for the time being is one of their #800. I only wish i knew who it was who helped me order, their knowledge of their products is outstanding and genuinely nice to talk to. thank you guys i couldn't recommend you enough

aaron n.

It seems I ordered 2

It seems I ordered 2 x 1000 stones.

Ken S.

Cerax waterstone

This 8000 grit stone is excellent for putting a polish on my plane blades chisels and knives.The service from Japanese Tools is also excellent,a real pleasure. Cheers.

Darcy K.