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24mm Mokume Wakizashi by Tasai

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Made with the unique damascus jigane with which the Tasai forge is synonymous, the Wakizashi is a carpenter's chisel without peer.

Subtly longer and heftier than Tasai's bench models, this is a tool designed for striking. It's double-hollow back allows it to be referenced on joinery of a variety of sizes. It's 30 degree bevel allows it to be used for driving, while Tasai's special formulation of blue paper steel allows it to take a tough yet razor sharp edge.

To set off the looks of the stunning mokume damascus, Tasai has fitted an ebony handle (picture wrapped in a protective shrink wrap) and faceted black hoop. This has been pre-fit and the top of mushroomed at the factory. 

Finally, this beautiful example of Tasai's dedication to his craft arrives in it's own custom made leather sheath with the Tasai maker's mark embossed on the name plate. It features press stud closure to keep the chisel securely inside the sheath and a belt loop.

Chisel Total Length: 230mm
Chisel Blade Length: 65mm
Chisel Thickness at back of Blade: 8.5mm
Edge Width: 24mm
Height of Side of Blade: 3.5mm