70mm Tesshinsai Kanna by Yamamoto san

$422.00 AUD

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In 2019 we had the pleasure of seeing 25 kanna made by Australian students under the tutelage of Kyoto temple carpenter Takami Kawai-san. In these classes, we supplied 70mm Yamamoto blades for all to use and got to see all of them set up (lapped flat on the back of the blade and sharpened to #8000 grit) at the same time. This experience, as well as our own experiments in building and sharpening our own planes with Yamamoto blades, convinced us of the quality of these blades (as if their reputation wasn't enough).

These planes utilise the the Yamamoto blade sets that we sell separately. The block that they are set in is the Tesshinsai model, which is one of the most impressive that we have seen, for it's beautifully selected grain and it's construction, which doesn't allow the entirety of the blade's bevel to push through the block. Instead, it cradles the bevel and allows for only the very cutting edge to protrude. The mouth on these planes will be extremely tight. 

For these reasons, this plane is not recommended as a first tuning experience. For those who have tuned a kanna before, patience and care in the tuning of this block will reveal a plane capable of beautiful results.