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Auto-Rewinding Chalk Lines

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Shinwa's chalk lines are a great design innovation on this fundamental tool.

The body is clear resin, and so the remaining chalk level is easy to see, and chalk lumps can be found and broken up.

Chalk is stored in a sealed tank to prevent leakages.

The thread is anchored to a pin, allowing it to be lodged in soft material or wound around a screw or nail.

Finally, auto-rewind mechanism makes this chalk line as easy to use as a tape measure, with no boring winding of the string over and over again while setting out. The system can also be disengaged, retensioned, and reactivated very easily.

Want to sit your extended line on the ground to grab something? Press the button on the back of the body and the spring spins itself out of tension. Make your mark, and when ready to pack up the line, reintroduce tension into the spring by spinning the front wheel. It all retracts as normal, ready to be put away while you get on to the next job.

Unit dimensions are 180×76×45.5mm.

The thick thread model has a 1mm diameter thread 10 metres long.

The thin thread model has a 0.5mm diameter thread 15 metres long.