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Baishinshi Double Marking Knife - Kumiko

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This specialist tool is designed to simplify to process of marking delicate half-lap joints required for shoji screens. 

Whereas a single kiridashi allows the craftsperson to mark and cut the first side of the joint before marking and cutting the second side of the joint., the double marking knife for kumiko allows two parrellel knife lines to be laid down simultaneously.

When set accurately to reflect the thickness of the framing stock, it speeds up the marking and cutting of shoji by allowing both sides of the joint to be marked and then cut in one process.

This knife deliberately positions the flats of each blade on the outside of the tool and the bevels on the inside. This means that when the cut is made, the waste is pushed to the inside of the lap joint and the exterior faces leave a clean, vertical surface for the joint to mate against.

To sharpen the blades, remove the screw and pivot the blades open at the rivet.

Please note that screw that positions the blades cannot be reversed, and so right handers will find this more comfortable to use than left handers.

Overall Length: 145mm
Blade Length: 18mm
Maximum Distance Between Blades: 15mm
Minimum Distance Between Blades: 2mm