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Asano Mokkousho

Bearded Axe - 570g

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This bearded axe features a thick laminated SK5 blade and Japanese white oak handle.

The bearded design allows the user to slide their hand right up to the head of the axe for slicing and planing operations.

Thanks to it's high carbon steel cutting edge, it can be sharpened using any traditional sharpening method.

The bevel angle is a steep 35 degrees. This protects the edge and makes it possible to split using the axe. However, it will not take deep bites across the grain and is not designed for felling trees.

Overall Length: 340mm
Head Length: 130mm
Head Max Thickness: 27mm
Cutting Edge Length: 110mm
Bevel Angle: 35deg
Distance from handle to blade beard: 24mm
Head Weight: 570g
Total Weight: ~750g