Carvy 7 Piece Carving Set

$98.00 AUD

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You're looking at a handy woodcarving kit featuring the basic tools needed for most projects. This affordable yet high-quality set comes with seven sharp blades to choose from, each made with tempered steel and built to last.

Included is a tool roll to store gouges in when you are finished. 

This kit includes the following wood carving tools:

  • 9mm Flat Chisel
  • 9mm Skew Chisel
  • 3mm U Gouge
  • 6mm U Gouge
  • 9mm U Gouge
  • 4.5mm V Gouge
  • 4.5mm Flat Chisel

Gouge dimensions:

  • Overall length: 17cm (varies depending on tool)
  • Handle length 14.5cm
  • Handle width: 1.5cm