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Ogawa Washi

Chiri-Rakusui Washi No.4 (Thai Kozo, White) - Single Sheet

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This beautiful washi uses a variety of decorative elements to create a striking appearance whether lit from in front or from behind.

It has been left unbleached, meaning that the main colouring is a neutral beige. The Rakusui technique has been used over the sheet, but in such a way that big, heavy droplets have created larger craters in the paper that create a significant contrast with the more even areas of the paper.

Additionally, Kozo bark (chiri) has been incorporated through the sheet in a variety of sizes, as have fine strands of Kozo fibre (unryu).

Because this highly decorative paper uses so many natural elements and retains it's natural colouring, we love this pattern for it's earthy, and yet highly worked, appearance.

Material: 100% Thai Kozo
Handmade in Ogawa, Saitama, Japan.
Size: 62x100 cm
Weight: approx. 23g/sheet (37 GSM)