Chiyozuru Kiridashi Marking Knife

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This kiridashi is another beautiful example of a hand tool at its best. This kiridashi is made by 4th generation blacksmith Chiyozuru Naohide who, along with his master Chiyozuru Sadahide, is most famous for his plane blades. Although Naohide is bound by traditional tool making, he is a new generation blacksmith and someone to watch closely as the market grows for his new and beautiful tools. 

This kiridashi is made with White Paper steel forge welded with soft iron. The pattern is cut out by hand in the shape of a gourd which is his representation of summer. Chiyozuru Naohide has also engraved his name in Kanji.


Weight: 129g

Overall length: 215mm

Blade length: 55mm

Width: 25mm

Category: Marking Knife

Type: Tools

Highly Recommended