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Complete Tool Maintenance and Restoration Kit

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This comprehensive set is designed to aid in the refinishing and restoration of tools. It includes:

  • Renaissance Wax
  • Pre-lim Metal Burnisher
  • Metal De-Corroder
  • #120 Rust Removing Rubber
  • #240 Rust Removing Rubber
  • #360 Abralon Sheet
  • Camellia Oil

The rust removal rubbers and Abralon can be used for heavy rust removal. These are abrasives and should only be used where preservation of the underlying finish is either not possible or desirable. The Abralon leaves a matte finish on steel and aluminium.

For rusted surfaces that require a gentle coaxing off of rust, the de-corroder solution is a fantastic way to detach rust from steel, iron and other ferrous metals.

Pre-Lim is designed to bring brass and copper back to a lustrous sheen.

Finally, Renaissance Wax gives a glass-hard waterproof surface with great longevity. A light coat of camellia oil is well suited to protecting working edges.