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Daruma Genno - Forged Finish 225g

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Master smith Tenryu-san has forged these spactacular hammers by hand, laminating harder and softer steels to produce a tool that gives the user excellent feedback about what is happening at the striking face without transferring shock.

Once lamiunated, the hammer is forged to shape and a drift used to form the handle hole. Once the hole is established the head is again reforged to shape.

Tenryu san applies a spectacular mottled surface in a very distinctive style, before the head is finally hardened and heat treated. The hammer head is then polished, though the discolouration left by the heat teating process is left in the hollows of the surface finish.

The result is a hammer head that is both spectacular to hold and a pleasure to use. Tenryu san offers these hammers in a variety of head weights. We have chosen to offer the 225g for general work and plane adjustment, and the 375g head for the driving of chisels when cutting mortices or other heavier cutting tasks.

These hammers carry two stiking faces. One is ground flat and can be used for most work. The second faces is slightly domed. This face is useful for the final setting of a nail, however it is most commonly used to "kill" (compress) soft timber in joinery before final fitting, allowing for a very tight fit.

These hammer heads are offered with a durable and beautiful white oak handle. As with all blacksmith-forged Japanese hammers, the handle requires final fitting to the head and is supplied with a wedge which also needs to be attached. This gives the hammer's owner the opportunity to better understand their new tool, and to leave their own mark on its final form.


Weight: 375g or 225g

Length: 330mm

Hand Forged High Carbon Steel and soft steel

Japanese White Oak Handle