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Japanese Tools Australia

Japanese Planting & Weeding Set

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The first tool into this kit is our ever-popular sickle. We like to describe it as the best gardening tool you've never used - great for cutting under shallow-rooted weeds, grasses and anything encroaching on a garden bed.

It's raked handle means cutting on ground level is possible and repeatable without needing to get your hands down to ground level. Longer grasses can be trimmed also be trimmed easily.

Alongside it, we are including a tool that is new to us at JTA and has been blowing the minds of everyone we have had the chance to show it off to. The Hori hori is a digging tool that is also a cutting tool, a trowel that is also a knife. And a bit of a saw. And a ruler. It's a Swiss army knife for the garden with no moving parts.

Dig while measuring hole depth and spacing with it's scooped blade and measurements. Cut through twine and small roots with it's sharp edge, or heavier roots and vines with it's serrated edge. The Hori is a brilliant allrounder that comes with it's own sheath and belt loop.