Kakuri Smoothing Plane - 30mm

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This Plane is a modern Japanese style plane which cuts on the pull stroke. The blade and chip breaker are held in place with an adjustable screw. The blade is made from high speed steel, has a Rockwell around 63, and can be sharpened or replaced. The plane's body is made of Japanese White Oak.

It is highly recommended to adjust the plane blade with either a bronze hammer or a wooden mallet. This is because the blade is a solid piece of high speed steel and could be damaged with a regular metal hammer.


Blade Width: 30mm

Plane Body Length: 150mm

Plane Body Width: 60 mm

In regards to Japanese smoothing planes; please note that the sole of the plane has been prepared ready for use as a smoothing plane and so no adjustments are required for this, however timber planes may need some adjustment purely because of the nature of wood moving (expanding and contracting).
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