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Kenko Santoku - 165mm

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Forged with a white paper steel cutting edge, this elegant knife is a great introduction to the world of Japanese kitchen knives. The versatile Santoku shape allows it to be put to use in many ways, and it is able to be used with both a rocking motion or for up-and-down chopping.

Polished to a satin finish, the stainless steel cladding that forms the body of the knife will not be troubled by rust. However, as the cutting edge is a high carbon steel, it will need to be cleaned and dried after use, and for best results we recommend it be protected from moisture between uses with a light coat of camellia oil.

The laminated hardwood handle is stable and sturdy, and will give many years of service.

We recommend the edge be maintained with a Japanese waterstone, and have put together this knife in a set to get you started into the world of sharp edges and precise food preparation.

Blade Length: 165mm
Overall Length: 290mm
Blade Width at Handle: 45mm
Blade Thickness at Spine: 1.8mm