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Kumiko Jigumi Cutting Board by WigWood - Righty

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If you've attended one of our Kumiko workshops, you've had the opportunity to get started on your kumiko adventure with Wiggy. Wiggy (alias Jason) has spent many years refining his approach to Kumiko, and this process has not been limited to his designs, but also the jigs he prefers to use throughout the process.

This cutting sled is designed to allow the accurate and repeatable cutting (with practice and good technique) of jigumi pieces up to 400mm long. For best results, we prefer to only cut up to 6 pieces at a time.

For ease of use, Wiggy has incorporated a sliding stop that can be locked in place with a hex key, acting as a clamp for the jigumi pieces in place of or aided by hatagane.

Both the fence and sliding stop are 6mm high, meaning that they can be used as a depth stop when cutting the half-lap joints of 12mm-wide stock. In this size, it eliminates the need to mark depth - however, if working with larger stock, marking and cutting to depth by eye will still be necessary.

This jig also incorporates a cutting guide with an adjustable stop block. When cutting kumiko strips to the appropriate length for infills, this stop block makes repeatable and accurate cuts much easier to achieve.

The base of the jig is made from MDF, while the fences are from Australian hardwoods.

This version of the jig has been laid out for easy unobstructed use by right handers.