Matsui Single-Bevel Straight Edge - 400mm

$112.00 AUD


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For those looking to take their precision in the shop up a step, a precision straightedge is a versatile and dependable tool against which everything else can be judged.

We have stocked Matsui's squares for many years, and now are very happy to offer these beautiful straightedges as well.

This example uses a flat back and single bevel to give a very fine straight edge. This can be used to judge the straightness of tools such as plane soles and machinery tables, as well as furniture and box componentry.

This tool ships in a protective sleeve. For longest life we recommend it be kept in rust proof paper and ideally be given a light coat of camellia oil occasionally to protect from rust.

It also must not be dropped. We will take our customary care in shipping these items, and if it arrives to you not in the condition it leaves us, we will remedy it.

Overall Length: 400mm
Width: 34mm
Thickness: 3mm