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Mentsukitou Carving Knife - The Menace

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This thing is an absolute doozy. Almost a foot long with a 42mm wide, super slim and wickedly sharp and fully laminated blade, the Mentsukitou (men-sue-key-too-oh) is a shaping and roughing tool for carvers like no other that we have ever experienced. 

It is designed to be used vertically, with body pressure used to drive the cutting edge down through the work. Place your cut exactly where you want it, and then use your chest, shoulder or chin to pare away with accuracy and control.

With good grain reading skills, the Mentsukitou can also be used to split along grain lines for rough shaping. 

Keeping all appendages out of the way, it can also be used to facet the backs of spoon bowls and other figures. 

Bring the power of an axe and the control of a scalpel to your shaping process. Now we've picked this thing up. we're never letting go.

Blade edge: High Carbon Steel
Handle: Hinoki with rattan wrap
Handle length: 125 mm
Blade width: 42 mm
Blade length: 155 mm
Overall length: 280 mm