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Michio Adjustable Mouth Kanna - Aogami #1, 70mm

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We have had our eye on this one for a while.

A kanna's performance is greatly influenced by the size of it's mouth opening. Although high-end hand-made kanna usually feature dai with excellent mouth tolerances, the process of tuning and adjusting the dai will, over time, cause the mouth opening to grow as material is removed from the sole of the plane.

Enter the adjustable mouth. The dovetailed insert of this plane's block can be driven down precisely and incrementally to close up the mouth of the plane, even as material is removed from the sole over the plane's lifetime. Since this level of adjustment should only be required occasionally, it locks in place securely with two screws.

This plane's blade is hand-forged with an Aogami #1 cutting edge and has left the factory having already taken a shaving. For those looking for a premium kanna with extremely long life in the block, this is our recommendation.