Mini Ebony Plane No2 Inside Round R3 - Japanese Tools Australia
Mini Ebony Plane No2 Inside Round R3 - Japanese Tools Australia
Mini Ebony Plane No2 Inside Round R3 - Japanese Tools Australia


Mini Ebony Plane No2 Inside Round R3

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There are 14 profiles and shapes in this series. These planes are designed and made under Kakuri Corporation, beautifully constructed out of solid Ebony with a brass fixing screw for easy adjustment of the HSS blade.

These planes are perfect for instrument making, box making and fine furniture to name just a few examples.


Profile: No2 Inside Round R3

Blade Width: 18 mm

Plane Length: 90 mm

Steel Hardness: 64 Rockwell

Use: Instrument making, Box making, Fine furniture

The mini planes are now being made in Hong Kong. They have been designed in Japan, but our Japanese suppliers had difficulty sourcing the ebony, which made the production of these planes unviable. The company in Hong Kong has been making traditional Chinese wooden tools for around 35 years. After the mini planes have been manufactured in Hong Kong, they are then firstly sent to Japan to withstand the Japanese Quality Control. They are also being packed in Japan, before they're being exported.

I am confident that these mini planes are of premium quality and the steel is VERY good. If you have any concerns regarding their quality, whatsoever, we would be more than happy to refund you 100% of the item plus postage paid. As you might be aware, we only sell premium tools and would not have these mini planes in our assortment if we did not trust the quality.

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Chris M.

Beautifully made

Beautifully made

Richard G.

Does exactly what I expected

The tool is pretty small, but does exactly what it's supposed to, and does it well. It lets you create a rounded edge (~4mm radius)

David T.

Mini plane

Have eyed these for ages. Was convinced at the timber show when two friends independently said get one of these. Beautifully made. Great purchase. Only caveat is Australia Post which took for ever to deliver with their useless tracking service madly saying' in transit' until triumphnatly and pointlessly saying 'delivered'. Worth asking is whether a courier service might be quicker, better and cheaper. Certainly is for larger parcels.