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Okatsune Hedge Shears - Medium Blade / Long Handle

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Okatsune is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of gardening tools. Revered by horticulturalists and professional gardeners, Okatsune have been making cutting tools in Hiroshima for over 70 years.

This pair of Okatsune hedge shears is razor-sharp and easy to use. You will notice that you can very accurately shape your hedge with ease. While most other hedge shears crush branches, the Okatsune shears actually cut through them. 

This pair of pruning shears has ‘broad shoulders’ which means you are basically carrying around two shears in one. Because of the broad shoulders the handles are a little further apart in the front. As a result you can use it as pruning shears with short handles. When you come across difficult-to-get-through branches or wish to work a little higher simply grab the end of the handles. As such the Okatsune 214 is very versatile.

The handles of Japanese white oak are well-known to absorb vibration, these will be your perfect companion in the garden

Whether you have a simple boundary hedge or elaborate topiary shapes these super strong and incredibly sharp steel blade shears are the perfect allrounder. Lightweight  shears are suitable for detailed delicate work, yet also strong enough to handle the tougher jobs. 

Blade length: 175mm

Handle Length: 500mm

Overall Length: 765mm

Weight: 1050g

Comes with a protective leather blade sheath.

Blade hardness: 60 – 61 HRD (Rockwell Hardness C-scale)

Izumo Yasugi steel

Maintenance tips:

Okatsune has become a pro in hardening the blades. As such the shears will stay sharper a lot longer than your average shears from the hardware store. A lot of attention was also paid to the geometry. As such the shears are amazing to work with.

We recommend cleaning your shears after each use with Yanipika cleaner or a damp cloth and finishing with some camellia oil to prevent rusting. We also like our tools sharp so encourage sharpening regularly with a Radiused Whetstone. These couple of steps will keep your shears in tip top shape.