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Pick-up Rulers & Stops

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We love Shinwa's range of pick-up rulers for many reasons- let us count the ways!

  1. They are really easy to read. Shinwa applies a proprietary hard chrome finish that leaves a beautiful matte surface. It does not reflect light harshly, making them easy under the eyes even when working under harsh directional light.

  2. The makings are incredibly clear. These rulers feature full-millimetre increments only, and have no half-millimetre markings. We find it much easier and quicker to mark out with them, as we don't have to decipher our preferred measurement from a packed crowd of half-millimetre marks.

  3. Picking them up is incredibly easy. The end of every ruler has a small notch that can either be pushed down on to lever the ruler off the bench, or got under with a fingernail to pick it up directly.

  4. They can have stops added to them, which greatly increase their convenience and repeatability. The stops lock in place with a small detaining screw and can be set at whatever measurement you need. Need to mark a series of screw holes 15mm in from a board or sheet? Set the stop and mark off the end of the ruler all the way down your board. Want a quick line 10mm in from your edge? Use your stop to turn the ruler into an impromptu pencil gauge. Fast, easy, accurate.

These rulers are available in 10cm, 15cm, 30cm, 60cm and 1 metre lengths. Each size will need it's own corresponding size of stop, with the exception of the 10cm and 15cm sizes, which share a stop. If you're looking to enjoy your marking out, we think it's impossible to go past these great tools.