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Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone - #1000

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The Shapton Professional #1000 waterstone is an excellent medium grit sharpening stone, perfect for honing tools and knives that have lost their edge during regular use. It is a spray stone requiring no prior soaking - simply wet the surface and begin your sharpening process. It cuts quickly and efficiently, leaving a matte finish.

Chisels can be pressed back into use at this grit level if a fine finish is not required, but we recommend moving to either the #2000 professional stone for a quick touch up or the #5000 professional stone for a great finish and wonderfully sharp cutting edge for fine work.

The #1000 Professional, like the rest of the range, is comparatively hard for it's grit rating and will stay flatter for a longer period than our Cerax range. However, we suggest that it be flattened regularly, as its hardness means that it takes longer to bring back to flat than the Cerax as well.

Regular light flattening with a diamond plate or sandpaper on glass makes for a highly efficient stone that will bring your edges back with a minimum of time or fuss.


  • Stone size: 210mm x 70mm x 16mm
  • Includes stackable plastic case