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Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone - #220

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The #220 grit stone is the second-coarsest stone in the Shapton Professional range. We have found it to be a little bit softer than the #120, which means although it's grit is a little more refined (and we mean a little - this is a very coarse stone) than the #120 it has an easier feel when sharpening freehand. Excellent as a coarse stone in it's own right, or for bridging the gap up from the #220.

As with the rest of the Shapton Professional range, the #220 is manufactured to maintain flatness for a relatively long time. It is much easier to maintain close to flat than it's closest equivalent grit in the cerax range, for examplt. For best results, we recommend regular light flattening of the stone with either a diamond plate or sandpaper on glass.

From the #220, we recommend either a touch on the #320 stone, or a good amount of work on a #1000 to refine the heavy scratches of this coarse stone.


Stone size: 210mm x 70mm x 16mm
Includes stackable plastic case