Shinto Saw Rasp Medium/Coarse 200mm

$46.00 AUD

Japanese Tools Australia

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The Shinto saw rasp is the number one selling rasp in Japan. It is the one tool that every woodworker should have in their tool chest/workshop. Please feel free to read its reviews below.

These rasps are made using multiple saw blades joined together in a diamond configuration.They are highly efficient at removing material such in soft woods, hard woods, soft metals and composite materials.

They are also ideal for general shaping work as the tooth configuration will not tear out the grain. On the contrary, they cut the grain fast and effectively. Lastly, the diamond pattern makes the rasp clog resistant.

The Shinto saw rasp is available in three different variants;

  1. 200mm fine 34 TPI / medium 24 TPI
  2. 200mm medium 24 TPI / course 10 TPI
  3. 250mm medium 24 TPI / course 10 TPI