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Tachibana 42mm Right Handed Rebate Plane

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These beautiful rebate planes (kiwa kanna) are hand forged in Sanjo prefecture, with beautifully crafted white oak dai to match. Their edges are blue paper steel and a delight to sharpen.

For those looking to tune joinery, the rebate plane is an essential tool that makes fine tolerances not only achievable but routine. They are excellent for making micro-adjustments on tenons, rebates, shiplapping and large half-laps.

To be able to work any joint in the grain's required orientation, it is highly advantageous to own a pair of rebate planes of opposing handedness. This plane's opposite pair can be found here.

As with all Japanese planes, your new rebate plane will need to be tuned before first use.

Overall Length: 255mm
Block width: 58mm
Cutting edge width: 38mm