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Takumi Jingoro Sashigane - Thick Corner, Ultra Flexible

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Shinwa's Takumi Jingoro range of sashigane is the pride of the company. These premium tools have all been hand-finished by Shinwa's smiths to a high level of precision before having Shinwa's hard chrome surface layer plated on. They are manufactured to JIS standards and deviate from square less than 0.06mm per 100mm - as such, the long arm should deviate from square no more than 0.36mm.

The markings on these models are particularly pleasing to the eye in a classic type face. The front of the sashigane displays metric markings on the outside of the arms only. The rear face shows the square scale on the outside of the long arm, and the circle scale on the inside of the long arm. The end of the long arm features a mortice scale for measuring depth. The short arm's rear face displays metric measurements on it's outside edge.

This particular model is thinner than it's counterparts (1mm compared to 1.4mm) and has been heat treated to maintain it's flexibility while always springing back to it's original flat shape. It has a traditional thick corner.

520 × 260mm external.
Arms are 15mm wide and 1mm thick.