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The Complete Sharpening Kit 1000/6000

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We have out together the Complete Sharpening Kit to help people discover the benefits of using Japanese water stones. This kit is built around your choice of Cerax combination stone, and includes our simple and effective glass lapping plate, two sheets of adhesive sandpaper and a bottle of camellia oil.

This allows the user to keep their water stone flat and true, and protect the edge of their freshly honed blades to prevent corrosion. We leave the stone choice to you - the 1000/3000 combination stone will produce a sharp edge with minimal fuss, while the 1000/6000 stone will polish that edge to a finely honed finish, though requiring more time on the stone.

Please note that the camellia oil should never be introduced to the stone or the blade during the sharpening process - only oil the blade once all sharpening has been completed.

For more detail on the kit's use, read our article.

The kit contains:

  • 1x 1000/6000 combination cerax waterstone
  • 1 glass plate for flattening the stone
  • 2 sheets of adhesive backed sandpaper to stick to the glass
  • 100ml bottle of camellia oil for treating edges to prevent rust after sharpening