Traditional Japanese Damascus Folding Pocket Knife

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This traditionally made Japanese damascus folding pocket knife's blade features a hardened stainless steel core laminated between multiple layers (Damascus pattern) of a softer stainless steel. The hard core allows the knife to take an extremely sharp edge while the folded softer steel is laminated to give support to the blade. Damascus forging uses an acid-etching process to bring out the forging patterns in the blade.

This pocket knife is beautifully constructed in a style that has been used for more than a hundred years. The locking mechanism is simple and effective, holding the blade firmly open and complemented by a lever on the back of the blade for an effortless opening action.

The snakewood used on the handle of these knives echoes the highly distinctive pattern of the blade. Due to the idiosyncrasies of snakewood timber, as well as the slight variation in forging patterns in the blade, each of these knives is unique. Take a close look at our photos to see how each knife differs from the others.

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