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Tsuki Nomi (Paring Slick) - 42mm

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"Speak softly and carry a big slick."

- US President Theodore Roosevelt*

Carpenter's slicks have a gravity all of their own, regardless of the blacksmithing culture that produced them. These particular specimens are beautifully finished, as large an example as any we have come across, and radiate a quiet sense of purpose. They feel comically large next to bench chisels - until they cross the path of a large piece of timber. Sat next to a 100x100 stick of wood, their scale snaps into focus. They are just the right tool for adjusting large joinery, and one gets the feeling they are hungry for the opportunity.

Their hand forged shirogami (white paper steel) edges will take a fantastic edge and the red oak handle imparts a feeling of solidity.

*quote may not be historically accurate.

Overall Length: 640mm
Handle Length: 340mm
Blade Length: 125mm
Blade Thickness at Centre: 7-12mm
Blade Thickness at Edge: 3-4mm