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Yamamoto 70mm Plane Blade Set - Aogami

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This large plane blade set (blade and chipbreaker) is handforged by master smith Yamamoto-san with excellent Aogami (blue paper steel) edges. This 70mm plane blade represents the traditional go-to size for Japanese carpenters when finish-planing timber.

These are the same blades that we have used in plane-making classes with Takami Kawai of Kyoto's Suikoushya carpentry, and having seen them used to make beautiful and functional planes under his guidance, we have also used them in our own plane projects.

Included here are a few shots from Yamamoto's workshop of the blades in the process of being manufactured. 

Yamamoto's work has a well-deserved reputation with Japanese carpenters as a high quality professional-grade plane blade maker, with his blades taking and keeping phenomenal edges while being a pleasure to sharpen.