The JTA EOFY Warehouse Sale

Sat 24th & Sun 25th June


We have cleaned up the warehouse and need to find good homes for 100+ pre-loved, demo's, displays, overstock, factory seconds, lightly rusted or chipped tools, products we brought in as samples, and a few things that fell down the back of the couch.

Starting from $5 get in early for the best deals!

In-store we'll also be running sharpening demos all day with shapening tips and tricks with Nari. We get asked often enough so we thought we'd give some insight on how we sharpen our knives and tools in-store.

For those who arenโ€™t able to make it this weekend, there are a 50+ items that will be available through our website as well as in store.

The online warehouse sale will be live from Saturday 9am so remmember to check it out.

We are also keen to reclaim the space taken up by the container holding the last of our timber out the front of the warehouse. This weekend we will be doing 30% off that timber, as long as you can collect your sticks on the day. We can dock to length, but you will need to take the whole 4m stick.

Hope to see you instore or online this weekend