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Japanese Smoothing Plane - 48mm, Aogami Blade

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This plane represents an upgrade of our entry-level high carbon steel Kakuri planes. In this model, Kakuri has used an identical white oak dai (plane block), and has upgraded the plane with a blue paper steel (Aogami) blade, giving superior edge retention and sharpness characteristics.

Blue paper steel is a premium cutting-edge steel that enjoys an unparrelleled reputation in Japanese smithing. More commonly employed in the high-end hand-laminated planes of master smiths, this plane represents excellent value for money as it introduces blue paper steel into a more affordable price category.

Setup and tuning of this plane should be done following the steps as for any other Japanese smoothing plane, which we have collected in a video here.


  • Plane Block Size: 210mm x 63mm x 27mm
  • Cutting edge width: 43mm
  • Blade Material: laminated blue paper steel and soft steel backing
  • Body Material: Japanese white oak