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30cm Sashigane with Metal Stop

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We have really enjoyed using Shinwa's sashigane with plastic stops for about a year now - imagine our excitement when we heard that shinwa were releasing an upgraded model!

This square with stop features an identical sashigane to our other model, with a totally flat body, matte chrome finish, easy to read millimetre increments and measurements printed front and back.

However, the square has been updated dramatically. It is now a solid metal construction and incorporates a vernier scale. This means it can be used as a vernier when measuring the thickness of stock, or brought in to play to add precision when marking out. Want to hit that half-millimetre increment? No need to guess anymore - just set your stop to it and mark away!

Square Dimensions:
Long arm: 30cm
Short arm: 15cm
15mm wide

Stop Dimensions:
15mm Thick
68mm long arm